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Fung Hong Kong science and technology intelligence model as a professional entity model service enterprises, in line with the idea first, science and technology intelligence as the base, good faith service as the management aim to provide clients with model series of comprehensive pre-sale, sale, and after-sale service, the company is also actively the development model of technology innovation, make our company products more widely, strive to become experts in the industry technology innovation.

Company since its inception has been adhering to technical innovation as the core, committed to the model production process and new technology development and comprehensive application, with excellent production team, and meticulous management system, excellent quality and first-class enterprise credibility and perfect customer service, the model design, business management, full service, be careful, a full range of integrated services.

Feng every member is the port of technical backbone, every new recruits to be a series of technical training to mount guard, the company's every new technology for worker training, only everybody master can do meticulous, the company has always insisted on people-oriented spirit of enterprise culture, take a lot of humanized management mode, the abundant port of each employee has a sense of belonging, and have a deep sense of ownership, the company is also providing employee housing and meals, solve the trouble back at home of employee to focus on their work, at the same time in the post subsidies, tourism welfare and promotion channel to achieve clear and quantitative management, through this a series of ground gas management system, ensure employees sense of belonging and the collective sense of honor is strengthened, so as to better service for the company, in order to ensure product quality stability and the sustainable development of the company provides favorable humanistic.

Company after years of unremitting efforts, has developed into a famous enterprise in the industry of domestic model, business all over the country, both at home and abroad and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Business covers the traditional model, the digital sand table, sound and light multimedia sand table. Including: real estate, design tender, the government planning, enterprise pavilion, etc. On the basis of product ideas leading has become the industry benchmark brand, and get many designers are widely praised reputation! In recent years, increasing the scale of the company, the technology is more exquisite. The company has advanced facilities, the existing production area of more than 3000 square meters, production equipment dedicated model mainly include: high with computer, the UNIVERSAL laser cutting machine, Taiwan LEZ - 7 laser engraving machine, large-scale engraving machine and used for material processing car, milling, tick off seam cutting machine and so on several machines. Companies, including technology, manual technicians, designers, sometimes nearly 120 people, made great contribution to the development for the company.

"Rich imagination blockbuster, science and technology model of harbor". Abundant port model continue to implement the combination of culture and science and technology, with a strong force of creativity, quality of service, for different areas of the applied technology of resource conformity, break the limitations of traditional form, continuous efforts for industry development is fung Hong Kong people unremitting pursuit.