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Maintain the traditional model of production process and the introduction of advanced technology and many popular, the entity model is no longer fixed form, we always adhere to the diversification of the presentation of the model more realistic, some manual fine objects cannot be achieved using our3D printing technology, the technology of one-time three-dimensional molding, greatly improve thefine degree model, this technology has been unanimously endorsed by many designers. Every timeour model design will put light effect on the key technical aspects, according to the differentproportion of different architectural configurations corresponding LED lamps, lamps and candles of a myriad families achieve building built in the external, bright lights dazzling effect. Intelligent digital exhibition hall, exhibition hall also known as digital multimedia exhibition hall,museum, museum, as long as it relates to the planning exhibition hall enterprises, refers to themultimedia and digital technology as the display technology, the use of new technology, combined with the digital creative promotional content unique, attract visitors with all kinds of new technology,to achieve human-computer interaction forms of exhibition hall. All kinds of multimedia display systemfor one of the platform, including digital sand table, screen / arc screen / ball hall, welcome to screen system, interaction, interactive mirror bar and touch screen and so on. At the same time, due tointegrate a variety of high technology, so that the hall very connotation and attractive. A variety of media image, sound, graphics, images, text, text, animation and so on together, forming an organic whole, to achieve a certain function, it is called multimedia. Compared with the traditional paper media, multimedia has There is nothing comparable to this advantage, and with its large capacity, interactive, content rich and colorful, easy to carry, popular. It can effectively help you set up and display of corporate image and product promotion, the better to show your enterprise and product marketing advantage, become a good helper. For example: interactive electronic sand table, electronic open book, multi touch system (desktop, wall), curtain, holographic imaging.Service areas include: Digital City, virtual simulation, real estate planning, real estate, electronic sand table simulation, roaming, industrial production line simulation, virtual tourism, ancientrestoration, the museum display, underground space visualization, multi projector system,simulation laboratory, College of digital entertainment equipment system.