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Multimedia Gallery
A variety of media image, sound, graphics, images, text, text, animation and so on together, forming an organic whole, to achieve a certain function, it is called multimedia. Compared with the traditional paper media, multimedia has There is nothing comparable to this advantage, and with its large capacity, interactive, content rich and colorful, easy to carry, popular. It can effectively help you set up and display of corporate image and product promotion, the better to show your enterprise and product marketing advantage, become a good helper. For example: interactive electronic sand table, electronic open book, multi touch system (desktop, wall), curtain, holographic imaging.Service areas include: Digital City, virtual simulation, real estate planning, real estate, electronic sand table simulation, roaming, industrial production line simulation, virtual tourism, ancientrestoration, the museum display, underground space visualization, multi projector system,simulation laboratory, College of digital entertainment equipment system.
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